About us

About us

The company Samoborka Inc. was founded in 1906. Through more than 100 years of existence has developed into a market leader in Croatia in the production of plasters, facades, mortars, adhesives, concrete products as well as products for waterproofing and repair.

In recent years, it was invested tens of millions of euros in new production capacities and Samoborka become one of the most modern factories of its kind in Europe.

It was invested in a factory for the production of dry plaster, section for aggregate sieving and drying, in the construction of a new factory for the production of concrete pipes with integrated seal, fresh concrete, concrete manholes, pavers and curbs.

Within the company Samoborka Inc. is a new and modern factory dry plaster in Muć near Split organized as a daughter named Samoborka Split Ltd.

The company operates a policy Samborka production of high quality and ecologically friendly products.


Quality management and protection of the environment from the beginning is applied in Samoborka company and basic principles in the management of the company are focused on economic and environmental goals

To that end, Samoborka aims to preserve and protect the environment by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, and optimizing the consumption of raw materials and fuels


Today, Samoborka company sells its products in the Croatian market and Slovenia, with a tendency to expand in the region or the sale of products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and other countries in the region.

The advantage of the proximity of these markets and the shortening of the delivery of goods allows to Samoborka company to set themself as one of the leading producers of building materials in the region as its quality and tradition deserves.