Product range

Through more than 100 years of existence, Samoborka company has into a market leader in Croatia in the production of plasters, facades, mortars, adhesives, concrete products as well as products for waterproofing and repair.


Thermal facade systems

Energy efficiency is at the center of discussions about climate change, protection of natural resources and the supply of heat and energy that we can afford.
The future of us and our children depends largely on the efficient use of available energy sources.

Heating systems are now an indispensable element of the building structure, which in addition to protection of facades from the atmospheric elements achieve the requirements for effective thermal insulation.

Advantages of installing heating systems:

- Achievement of up to 40% savings on heating and cooling costs in buildings, the contribution of the luxuries of life efficiency of heating in winter and cooling in summer

- Contributes to the battle against the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other harmful gases into the atmosphere, and thus achieving maximum utilization of used energy

- contributes to the national economy, because much of the energy used is generated from fossil fuels and fossil fuels are imported

- Provides a comfortable life by preventing the formation of moisture and mold

- Prevents corrosion (rust) - a highly insulated building does not have a notion of moisture. Thus, increasing the safety of the structure in the earthquake protecting load-bearing elements, which extends the life of the building

- Heat distribution is homogeneous, which contributes to the comfort of life and health of tenants

- Contribute to better sound insulation

Samoborka heating systems - systems with a 10 year warranty, the product label " Croatian creation", awarded BesBuyAward - best price to quality ratio, the holder of recognition "QUDAL" for best systems on the market for 2014.

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Plasters, primers and adhesives

Plasters, primers and adhesives are an important segment of the Samoborka product range, as well as a great link with final customers and professional users

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Finishing decorative paints

Interior and exterior paints are important part of Samoborka production, which are directed to the customer, and are intended for coloring floor, ceiling, interior and exterior wall surfaces.

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Decorating and furnishing of the outside environments

Samoborka pavements are excellent choices, when it comes to paving of the driveway or garage, garden road, footpaths, town square.
Our concrete pavements are top quality and above all a solution in harmony with nature. This type of paving allows the soil to breathe, runoff and evaporation of water between the paving elements, resulting in a favorable microclimate conditions in the paving area.
In addition, concrete pavement elements absorb less heat than the other coating materials, and its neutral fragrance also do not affect the environment

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Stone aggregates

Stone aggregates are used in the construction of residential and office buildings, for industrial development and a variety of public infrastructure projects.
All our aggregates are tested by accredited laboratories according to european norms:
Aggregates for concrete - EN 12620
Aggregates for asphalt - EN 13043
Aggregates for road construction - EN 13242

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